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Juliet 2At SIRS, we support people with disabilities so they can live as independently as they want to, and provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to lead productive, fulfilling lives.

Juliet’s Story

Juliet is an adorable smiling young girl that loves her baby sister and two dogs. Prior to beginning her therapy with SIRS Pediatric Rehabilitation Services, Juliet expressed frustration through temper outbursts as a result of communication challenges with her parents. Her parents were equally frustrated but were unsure of where to turn.

Process of getting services:
Juliet’s mother, Melissa Adams, noticed that her language skills were not developing as she thought they should. At Juliet’s 18‐month checkup, the doctor confirmed Mrs. Adams suspicions ‐ Juliet needed therapeutic support. The physician referred Juliet to the First Step System to get Juliet evaluated and the therapy that she needed. Mr. & Mrs. Adams decided on SIRS Pediatric Rehabilitation Services as their provider.

At 30 months of age, Juliet started receiving Developmental Therapy with Jo Bailey, who has 20+ years of experience working with the First Step age children.

The Awesome Results:
Juliet now tells her parents what she wants to drink, eat, and what toy she wants to play with AND they understand her. The family is full of gratitude because they are able to communicate with their daughter.

As a First Step network, SIRS Pediatric Rehabilitation Services works with children 0 to 3 years old. When a child reaches their third birthday, they transition to a pre‐school therapy service. Juliet is currently in Speech therapy at her preschool. With the progress Juliet made during SIRS Pediatric and anticipated progress at preschool, Juliet is able to communicate with teachers and classmates with little to no difficulties. The frustration is defused and Juliet is able to enjoy being a young child!