Home Of My Own Residential Services

Home Of My Own Residential Services

home-of-my-own-offHome of My Own, a division of SIRS, offers several residential service options.  These options allow you to direct the decisions that affect your life and control how your resources are used.

Two models of consumer directed services are available to allow people to be more involved with your overall service delivery.   Model #1 allows you to hire, manage, and support your direct service employees.  As employer of record SIRS will approve all hires.  You will manage your state budget and verify services provided.  SIRS maintains all other responsibilities as provider of record.  Model #2 allows you to hire your own employees, train, supervise, evaluate and discharge them at your own discretion.  You will be the employer for all direct service employees and are responsible to follow all applicable federal and state employment laws. SIRS will assist so that you adhere to all requirements and guidelines of Medicaid Waiver under IAC 460.

Model #3 is a traditional model of service delivery and is available for those who do not wish to choose a consumer directed model.  SIRS will hire employees, train, supervise, evaluate, discharge, and schedule at their discretion with involvement and input from you as the Consumer.  SIRS assumes all responsibility for following all applicable federal and state employment laws and obtaining proper insurance.

Under each model, SIRS will provide the services of a Residential Services Consultant who understands Medicaid Waiver regulations and residential supports.  The consultant will assist with the development of your Individual Service Plan, finding services and supports, scheduling and staffing questions, monitoring your plan, and adherence to contract and Medicaid Waiver requirements.

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