Reed Society – Leaving a Legacy

Reed Society – Leaving a Legacy

The-Reed-Society-logo-blkWhat is The Reed Society?
The Reed Society is an association of friends of Southern Indiana Resource Solutions (SIRS) from all around the region. Members of The Reed Society seek to ensure that the needs of people with disabilities are met by including SIRS in their estate plan. This planning might include a will, a charitable gift annuity, a trust or an insurance policy.The Reed Society, comprised of SIRS most valued planned giving donors, is committed to the long-term stability of the SIRS Mission.

Reed Picture PNGThe Reed Society is named in honor of the Reed Family; long-time supporters of our organization. Rose & Ralph Reed helped form SIRS with other families interested in providing services for people with disabilities in Perry County. The Reed’s son, Sam, was one of the original recipients of services in 1968.

The donors that make up The Reed Society join the Reed Family in their passion for ensuring SIRS services are available to persons with disabilities for generations to come. Children and adults with disabilities will have the opportunity to pursue needed therapies, dreams of employment, and community involvement.

What is Planned Giving?
Planned giving is a type of charitable giving that allows you to express your personal values by integrating your charitable, family and financial goals. Gifts are usually designated as part of an individual’s or family’s estate plan. There are many options for planned gifts, and we can offer more information to assist you in identifying the appropriate option for you.

How do I join The Reed Society?
The process of becoming a member of The Reed Society is simple.  We have a form for you to complete that expresses your desire to support SIRS through your estate planning.  You can download, complete and mail the Enrollment Form by CLICKING HERE.

For more information about The Reed Society, Planned Giving and the Endowment, please contact Mary James, Marketing and Development Director. Email: or call 812.897.4840.

What Is an Endowment?

An endowment is a permanent asset invested to earn income.   It offers the advantage of sustainable income over the long term by providing organizations with independence, greater ownership of resources, increased capacity for long term planning, access to new resources, and renewed relationships with a wider range of individuals and organizations in building a resource base.

Endowments are built through contributions from individuals, businesses and others.

Benefits to the Donors?

  • The satisfaction of making a significant gift to SIRS during your lifetime.
  • The advantage of avoiding or deferring capital gains taxes on gifts of appreciated securities or real property.
  • Income tax deductions the year the gift is made, with carryover for five years, depending upon the donor’s situation.
  • The potential for increased income during the donor’s and/or beneficiary’s lifetime.
  • Professional investment management of the capital for the benefit of SIRS.
  • Assets irrevocably given to SIRS are not subject to estate tax.

Why does SIRS have an Endowment?

SIRS is embarking on an endowment-building program to stabilize the financial resources of the organization-to fund the development of new and innovative programs and services for our customers.