SIRS Industries has been a manufacturer of pallets, skids, and crates for over 15 years. We excel in the specialty pallet arena – building to our customers’ specifications as well as manufacturing standard pallets.Pallet

We build 2-way and 4-way skids, stringer pallets and block pallets and custom crates.  SIRS Industries works with our customers to ensure that their pallet needs are met.

Our plant is large enough to enable us to inventory our customers’ most frequently used pallets so that shipping “surprises” do not occur. Our customer service, manufacturing expertise, and just-in-time delivery makes SIRS Industries a leader in the pallet industry.

In addition to wooden pallets, SIRS Industries provides corrugated and plastic pallets.

We attribute our success in the wood products industry to:Pallet Builder

  • guaranteed quality
  • fast service
  • mutually profitable long-term relationships with our customers
  • team of skilled staff

SIRS Industries production team values our customers and works hard to meet your business needs.

When you need pallets, contact SIRS Industries by CLICKING HERE.