About SIRS Industries

About SIRS Industries


Founded in 1968


You can put your trust in us.  Ask for our business references.


We provide quick response to your business needs.


SIRS is committed to excellent product quality and customer service.

SIRS Industries doesn’t manufacture one product or product line. We grew from providing simple benchwork services to area businesses and are now seen as a resource manufacturer that has evolved into providing more demanding business/manufacturing activities… 24/7 contracts for security and grounds/facililty maintenance with the Indiana Department of Transportation’s Rest Parks off Interstate 64, plastics toll grinding, pallet/skid/crate manufacturing.

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Leading the Way  – Our People Are Our Strength

SIRS Industries is leading the way as a role model for providers of services to persons with disabilities and employers in the community.   SIRS is a community employer that hires people with the ability to do the work required.  SIRS Industries assists in financially sustaining the support services SIRS offers to adults and children with disabilities.

We encourage workplace diversity and we are equal opportunity employer.  SIRS is one in a short list of progressive agencies in Indiana that have completely focused on community options rather that segregated sheltered work programs for persons with disabilities.

Learn more about Southern Indiana Resource Solutions, Inc. and our mission-based work.